Company Information
‘We will do our best to provide customers with quality products by realizing sharing management, quality management and technology management'
Faith · Honesty · Trust
Nadam is equipped with a flexible production system to produce skin care products, organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics, functional cosmetics, fermented cosmetics, body products, perfumes, air freshers, etc. tailored to satisfy customer requests.
To be realized by people who respect people
Sharing Management
Nadam will do its best to realize sharing management that people respect people, enhance competitiveness through advanced technology and future-oriented thinking and satisfy customers through quality management. As an evolving and developing company that tries its best to approach its clients and end-users in a more friendly manner, we are always making efforts to take up new challenges that show you our sincere intention of contributing to your growth ever.
Nadam is a company equipped with all elementsn ecessary to meet diverse and high-level demands of customers and will be nothingshort of emerging as a strong player in the OEM and ODM industry in the 21st century. We will show our commitment that we always do our best.
  • 2018.11 Acquired a certificate of natural and organic cosmetics by European integrated COSMOS
  • 2015.04 Got an approval on Sunscreen as tri-functional cosmetics
  • 2017.07 Got an ISO 22176 Certificate/GMP Certificate
  • 2017.12 Designated as a Promising Export Small and Medium Enterprise
  • 2014.02 Notified as a telemarketing business
  • 2014.04 Selected as a clean workplace
  • 2014.06 Acquired an approval to use an emblem for Paju Jangdankong registered trademark
  • 2014.07 Got an ISO 14004:2009 / ISO 14001:2004 Certificate
  • 2014.08 Established RND Center
  • 2012.08 Registered Nadam trademark
  • 2013.02 Registered as a cosmetics manufacturing and sales business
  • 2013.09 Designated as a Promising Advanced Technology Enterprise for fermented cosmetics and stem cell cosmetics
  • 2011.08 Established Nadam Cosmetics Co., Ltd
  • 2011.09 Registered as a cosmetics manufacturing business
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Certificate of Promising Export Enterprise
Certificate of EN ISO 22716
COSMOS Certificate
COSMOS All the products Certificate
COSMOS Production facility Certificate
Certificate of Product-Specific Approved Exporter, Certificate of Functional Cosmetics,
Certificate of Functional Cosmetics
Certificate of R&D Team
Certificate of Membership (KITA: Korea International Trade Association)
Certificate of Environmental Management System
certificate for Female Enterprise
License to use an emblem for Paju Agricultural Specialty Product registered trademark