OEM & ODM development services
Systemized Manufacturing
Since 2011, Nadamcos has sought to be the best OEM/ODM company for the highest quality cosmetics that can meet the needs of customers, and we are dedicated to growing together through OEM/ODM services that customers can be satisfied with.
    • Request
    • Consultation
    • Contract
    • Design development
    • Sample product confirmation
    • Sales strategy
    • Raw material warehousing
    • Production
    • Delivery
Nadam Solution
Nadam solutions specialized
Nadamcos actively supports the product development and production of brand companies with an attitude that
sets technology and customer satisfaction as the top priority, and provides conditions for strengthening market
competitiveness though increased focus on marketing.
  • State-of-the-art facilities
    We ensure reliable and superior quality without outsourcing through three state-of-the-art production lines.
  • Customized solutions
    We can design customized solutions
    to meet all your needs for OEM & ODM.
  • Small quantity batch production
    Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art filling equipment and can produce various products.
  • Eco-friendly industrial innovation
    We are striving to pioneer new fields by repeating technological innovation in line with eco-friendliness.