We provide customers with fully integrated total services from product planning to production.
    We provide customers with tailored-services that include how to respond to the changing market environment and create an idea to meet the issue and planning, development, production and management of products, and up to product shipment to customers.

    We put every effort into research and development to keep your skin and body healthy.
    Nadam Cosmetics has been developing products for
    which you feel happy to pay to keep your skin and body healthy.

    We actively support product development and production.
    With an attitude to put top priority on technology and customer satisfaction, we actively support product development and production of reputable companies and provide them with an opportunity to strengthen product competitiveness against their competitors.

Nadam’s continuous commitment to research and development
  • Skin care R&D
    Based on know-how accumulated for many years, we research, develop and produce the best products to bring out the maximum satisfaction of clients.
  • Organic & Natural care R&D
    Flexible production system to produce skin care products, organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics, functional cosmetics, fermented cosmetics, body/hair products, perfumes, air freshers, etc. tailored to satisfy customer requests
  • Personal care R&D
    In order to meet expectations of all customers, we are always striving to develop the best products with an excellent performance ranging from high-quality natural/organic ingredients to functional cosmetics.
We pursue beauty
아름다울 나娜 , 탐할 담嬜
Nadam Cosmetics loves beauty and to find it for you.

As an evolving and developing company that tries its best to deliver higher level of beauty to its clients and end-users, we are always making efforts to take up new challenges that show you our sincere intention of contributing to your growth ever.